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The Village is the village in Gathering Blue where several important characters live.  


Gathering Blue

Katrina, Kira's Mother lived in the Gathering Blue Village with her husband and daughter, Kira. Her husband Christopher, Kira's Father, was supposedly killed by beasts while on a hunt before Kira was old enough to remember. Katrina later died from sickness, although Kira saw the strangeness in her death and suspected it may have not been a natural death.

During Gathering BlueVandara brought Kira to trial in Council Edifice. Her claims were that she was useless, took up space, ate a lot, and that her land was needed so that she and the rest of the women could build a pen for her tykes. Since Kira was a child, she had the opportunity to appoint a defender for her. Although she wanted to defend herself, she realized the wisdom in appointing a matured adult to defend in her place. The member of the Council of Guardians who was appointed was Jamison. Although Vandara fought hard to get her sent to The Field of Leaving, the council decided to move Kira to accommodation in Council Edifice and give her land to Vandara so that she could build a pen for her tykes.

After her trial, Kira was assigned living quarters in the Council Edifice. She worked on the singer's robe. Jamison occasionally checked on her work. She met Thomas, The Carver, who was also living in Council Edifice. They became good friends, and ate meals together. Thomas showed her various things he had made with his incredible woodworking talent and she showed him what she made as The Threader.

When Jamison learned that Kira did not know how to make dyes for thread, he sent her to Annabella to learn how to Jamison the color of her thread. Annabella taught her what plants make what colors so that she could make the thread whatever color she wanted.

Kira heard a child crying in Council Edifice. She and Thomas found the room the child was in and Thomas used a key he made to open it. They found the child Jo, who was training as Singer. They comforted her, and told her that if they needed their help, she could tap on her ceiling so that they could help her.

Known Residents