The Giver Wiki
Gender Female
Enemies Kira
Fate Alive
Appearances Gathering Blue

Vandara is Kira's enemy in Gathering Blue. She is an aggressive woman who wishes to take Kira's land and leave her out for the beasts.


Gathering Blue

Vandara claims to have survived the beasts, but still has scars from them. She is also rumored to have forced her tyke to eat the oleander, a poisonous plant. The tyke's death was judged as an accident, the explanation being that he fell into the oleander in the forest, the death not being Vandara's fault.

It is suggested by Christoper that Vandara's tyke accidentally made her slip and fall on rocks by the river, which is the real reason for her scars. It would be reasonable to believe that Vandara fed her tyke the oleander as revenge.


Vandara has long, tangled hair that she ties back with a piece of leather. She is described to be tall and muscular, with a large scar from a forest animal. The jagged scar reaches from her chin to her shoulder from the fight with the beasts.


  • Kira - they are enemies