Hi, I'm ManOnAMission, a relative newcomer to this wiki, and have read the Giver Quartet and watched The Giver movie.

Anyway, what I REALLY wanted to discuss is the high amount of vandalism on this wiki.

After reading Mycastleofbooks' blog post about vandalism and how IP editing could possibly be disabled, unless the vandalism does not stop (the blog post can be found here).

On a side note, if the admins are reading this blog post, PLEASE take into consideration what I am about to say.

I completely agree that IP editing should be disabled.

The reason is that it will force people that are trying to edit a page to sign up for Wikia, which will make users more easily punished or banned if they vandalize a page.

However, this blog post is just an opinion of mine, it is just merely an idea to put into consideration.

ManOnAMission (talk) 02:36, May 21, 2015 (UTC)ManOnAMission

P.S. Does this wiki have a chat room? It would be nice if there is one.

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