JanzPotter JanzPotter 17 February 2016

150 Pages!!!!!!

Our Wikia has reached 150 pages! 

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JanzPotter JanzPotter 27 May 2015

Chat Mods

Since we recently opened up the chat, we are looking for chat mods. Let myself or another admin know if you are interested. 

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JanzPotter JanzPotter 25 May 2015

New Poll

We haven't had a new poll in a long time, so I think it's time for one. Does anyone have any ideas? 

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JanzPotter JanzPotter 22 May 2015

The Giver:My Interpretation

The following essay was created by an anonymous user as an article page, where it should have been put up as a blog post. They seemed very proud of it, so since I am deleting the article, I will put it in it's rightful place as a blog post. 

Today, I am going to tell all the people who like reading fun-filled, exciting books with an amazing theme spoilers on The Giver. This is my interpretation of The Giver, and I hope you all enjoy.

Well first off, I would like to say kudos to you Lois Lowry, because this book is awesome. Anyway, I think that lois Lowry means to represent our community today. Think about it: we all follow the rules and get chastisement, we all go to school, for those of us who need community service hours or confirmation/gr…

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JanzPotter JanzPotter 30 September 2014

Jobs vs. Assignments

So I noticed, some pages are in the category of Jobs. And we don't have a category of Assignments. Pages that are about occupations in Community should go in the category of Assignmens and pages in the category of Jobs should be about occupations of Village. They are two very separate things! For example, Drone Pilot, Nurturer and Speaker, would go into the category of assignments. Singer, threader and dyer should be in jobs. Would someone please get on fixing that, I'm very busy.

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