Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Hair Brown
Given job Student, future writer
Fate Undead
Appearances Only at night
Mentioned In gossip
Portrayed by Self


Hey. I'm Claire, but on most sites my username is mycastleofbooks. I'm an Admin in the Giver Wiki, the Founder to the Light as a Feather Wiki, and a contributor to a few others. I've been on Wikia for awhile, although I didn't always edit or have an account.

Stuff You Should Know About Me

  • I value truth more than politeness, although I'll generally be polite.
  • I love reading, writing, acting, and other ways of storytelling.
  • I live in the Eastern Time Zone, so if you need to contact me please realize those hours.
  • I don't really like the idea of fandoms, or being considered a fangirl. I read a book or watch a show, and I enjoy it. I don't want to be grouped in with the obsessive, stereotypical fans who will attack you for dismissing their idol. I'm fine with fanbases, though, those are awesome.
  • I'm a vegetarian. Forgive me if I don't say that bacon is wonderful.
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