Age Ageless
Gender Male
Hair Black (Physical Form)
Enemies Traders
Fate Vanquished
Appearances Messenger, Son

The Trademaster is an evil spirit masquerading as a man. He likes making trades with steep prices, which work out better for him than the person he trades with.  In Messenger, he tricks the villagers into giving away values, such as honor, for trivial things, such as the Gaming Machine or attractiveness. In Son, Claire agrees to give him her youth in order to find her son, thus turning her into an old woman. However, he dies when Gabriel tells him about Einar living the life of a good man, and Mentor regaining his honor. Gabriel uses the paddle he carved to mark the spot where he defeated the Trademaster.

Known Trades

  • Claire- Traded her youth for finding her son
  • Mentor- Traded his honor for attractiveness
  • Ramon's parents- Traded Ramon and his sister's health for a Gaming Machine
  • Einar- Refused trade and had foot chopped off
  • Unnamed Woman- Traded her kindness for a Gaming Machine.
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