The Giver Summary (spoilers ahead)

The Giver is one of the books in the Giver quartet. The other books are Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.  The Giver is the first book in the quartet and sets itself up in a place where sameness is worshiped and diversity is punished. The book is dystopian, which means it takes place in the future. The story takes place in an advanced society that resembles what the future would be like if the world decided to go to sameness. It shows us how important creativity and expression are. The author actually dedicated the book to the people of the future. He is clearly trying to help future generations in their life choices. Choices are a large part of the story because we discover that the reason they all went to sameness was that they were afraid of making the wrong choice. The story follows the life of a soon to be twelve-year-old boy named Jonas. Jonas, like the rest of his friends, looks forward to the day he is assigned his role in the community.  This will be what he spends his life doing for the world around him. Turning twelve is when his community believes you have reached adulthood, which puts a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. Around this time, his family takes in a baby boy named Gabrielle and takes care of it in order to spare its life. Jonas pays little attention to the child since his mind is already very occupied with other things. Unlike his friends, he has no idea what his task will be, until the ceremony of twelve where he gets assigned to be the receiver of the memories. He is told that his training will be long and difficult, so he becomes afraid of the journey ahead. When training begins he meats an old man, whose job is to transmit the memories to Jonus. After Jonas starts experiencing new and amazing things, like color, he begins to see why his role is so important. He finds them so wonderful that he wishes to share them with his little sister and two friends, but it is strictly against the rules. He struggles with a constant desire to help everyone understand. With time, memories change his view on the world and brings light to how wrong some of the things he once saw as normal. He sees how wrong and corrupt his perfect world is. He decides to leave and take Gabrielle with him. At the very end we see him reaching a new place with joy and light and color. We see that he finds true happiness in imperfection. This story wonderfully illustrates how important it is not to just follow everyone else. Though decisions are hard, they are also important.

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