Age Twelve
Gender Male
Appearances The Giver

Pierre was a Twelve in The Giver who went to school with Jonas. He was someone Jonas didn't particularly like or spend a lot of time with, for Pierre was a worrier and always follows the rules. He questioned small infractions, such as riding a friend's bike to get the feel of it. He was newchild number Twenty in his birth year. He was the Twelve born right after Jonas, therefore being the one who Jonas was skipped for at the Ceremony of Twelve. He was given a job, which was unspecified in the book, then most likely did his job until he was released of old age.

In the film, Pierre is not the individual right after Jonas. His spot after Jonas is replaced with Ianda. He instead, is Number 150 and is assigned Groundskeeper. Number 150 is the last person to go.

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