A Newchild (Newchildren, plural.) is a term used to describe children in the Community that have recently been born, by Birthmothers. If a Newchild is qualified, they presented to their assigned parents and given their names in the Naming Ceremony. If not, they will be determined Uncertain and kept in the Nurturing Center. If they never pass their maturity tests, they will be Released from the community. This will also occur if twins are born, as the Nurturers will release the smaller of the two.

Known Newchildren

  • Caleb - A Newchild who was presented to his new family during the Ceremony, to replace the Caleb who drowned in the river.
  • Roberto - A Newchild who was given to a couple during the Ceremony. Roberto used to be the name of an Elder, who was recently released.
  • Gabriel - He was determined Uncertain, and was about to be released, due to not passing the maturity test. He is later saved by Jonas, in The Giver.