Matty (Cover of Messenger)
Age Eight (Gathering Blue), 14 (Messenger)
Gender Male
Alias Matt (as a child), Matty, Fiercest of the Fierce, Healer (true name)
Allies Kira, Jonas, Ramon, Christopher (Seer), Frolic, Branch, Gabriel, Jean, Forest, Gatherer
Enemies Trademaster
Fate Deceased
Appearances Gathering Blue, Messenger

Matty is a major character in Gathering Blue and the main protagonist in Messenger. In Gathering Blue, he is a young, wild 8-year-old boy and a close friend of Kira; in Messenger, he has aged to 14, is under the care of Christopher, and has begun to develop healing powers. Although he wanted to be named Messenger, Leader gives him his true name, Healer, at the end of the book.


Gathering Blue

He is Kira's best friend and is a very messy and wild little boy. His dog, Branch, is always by his side. His childhood name is Matt, but towards the end of the story he refers to himself as Matty.


Matty is the main character in Messenger. The story follows him through that time period in his life. Trademaster comes to the Village and begins to cause trouble, and Matty notes the effects that the trades are having. Towards the end, Matty goes into the forest to help Kira, though they, along with Leader were all entangled and trapped, until he utilizes his previously concealed power of healing. This restores the integrity of the forest and the villagers and resulted in his death. In the wake of this, Leader posthumously names him "Healer".


Due to his death, Matty does not appear in this story. He is, however, mentioned in Son. Kira's and Jonas' male child is named after him.


  • Kira - Matt and Kira are good friends. Kira is the one who taught Matty manners.
  • Ramon - Ramon is a friend of Matt.
  • Branch - Branch was Matt's dog.
  • Frolic - Frolic was Matt's dog given to him by Jean after he healed the puppy and his mother using his gift.
  • Christopher - Christopher or Seer was a father figure to Matt.
  • Jean - Matt had a crush on Jean.
  • Gatherer- He used to toss Matt and the other children berries he picked.
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