The Giver Wiki
Gender Female
Allies Kira, Thomas, Singer, Jamison
Enemies Jamison (Temporarily)
Appearances Gathering Blue

Jo is a little girl in Gathering Blue who is very close with Kira, and looks up to her. Jo loves to sing and wants to write a song about Kira. Jo's parents are dead. She will become the Singer when she is older, much like Thomas is the Carver and Kira the Threader. Jo lived in The Fen.


  • Kira- friend
  • Thomas- friend
  • Jamison- enemy


  • Jo's mother was supposedly killed by sickness, and her grieving father drove a sharp stick through his heart in his sadness of his wife's death. However, it is indicated that they were killed (or somehow removed) by the Council of Guardians so they could use Jo's gift, as the also-talented Kira and Thomas had parents who also met coincidental fates.
  • She wants to sing her own songs, but is being forced to practice The Ruin Song for when she becomes Singer.