Jean is the Mentor's daughter. Matt likes Jean, and it is implied she might like him. She is said to make bread and sell flowers at The Village market. A the beginning of Messenger Jean teases Matty and says that she'll kiss him, like she does with most insecure boys while in her garden. She kisses Matt before he goes to save Kira.


Matty- Matty has a crush on her, and it is implied that she might reciprocate the feeling. Matty says that Jean's dog had three puppies and she's promised that Matty can have one. Only one survived called Frolic so Matty had a companion on her last trip to the forest always carrying a piece of her with him before he dies.she and Matty begin to connect in a more mature way when Jean becomes afraid of what's happening to her father as he trades his deepest self away to court Stocktender's widow. She shared Mentor's love of literature and learning, and she finds it disturbing that he's less interested in those things as he becomes more handsome. And now she was talking to him in a way that was not foolish and childlike, designed to entrance, but instead was human and pained and adult. He felt suddenly that he loved her, and it was a feeling he had never known before.

Mentor- Mentor is Jean's father."It was so important to him, and he made it important to me: poetry, and language, and how we use it to remind ourselves of how our lives should be lived." Then her tone changed and became embittered. "Now he talks of nothing but Stocktender's window, and of closing Village to new ones. What has happened to my father?"

Appearance/ personality

She's a young girl with curly hair who's about Matty's age. Jean appears flighty and childlike.

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