Einar is the young man Claire befriends in the Village. He helps train her to climb the cliff.


Einar first climbed the cliff after an argument with his father. He packed all his belongings and then some to take with him, and made a successful climb. Once at the top, he met the Trademaster for the first time. Einar refused to trade, and in revenge, Trademaster used magic to throw him to the ground and then chopped off half of each foot. Maimed and in great pain, Einar was forced to climb back down the mountain and reconcile with his father.

When Claire arrives, she eventually befriends him. She tells him of her wish to find her son, and he begins training her to climb out and up the cliff over several months. It is speculated that a romantic relationship between the two may have formed if Claire had remained.

When Einar's mother gave birth to Einar she died in the process, leaving his father hating his son with a burning passion for killing his wife (even though it wasn't really anyone's fault). This caused his father to speak very coldly to him and become abusive.


Claire- Friend, possibly more

Trademaster- Enemy

Father- Daddy Issues

Alys- Friend

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