Christopher (Seer)
Kira father.png
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Allies Kira, Katrina, Matty, Frolic
Enemies Jamison
Fate Unknown
Appearances Gathering Blue

Kira's father was born Christopher but known as Seer. He is a blind man who sees more than most. He was married to Katrina and loves Kira very much but is devoted to staying in his village, and Kira did not want to go to his village. He houses Matt and thinks of him as his own son. 


Gathering Blue

Christopher first appears in Gathering Blue. It is stated by Kira's mother that Seer got taken away by beasts before she was born. Katrina also says that she loved him. When Matt returns with blue fabric for Kira he brings Christopher to Kira. She refuses to return with him, saying "I have a place."


Seer raises Matty as his own and also sees him as a son. He gets rid of Matt's unsavory behavior.


Seer makes minor apearances.

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