Age 6
Gender Female
Allies Claire, Alys, Bryn, Elen, Delwyth, Eira
Appearances Son

Bethan is a young girl living in the village where Claire was found in the sea. She was midwifed by Alys, the same year as her best friends, Delwyth and Eira. The three girls frequently appear together in Between.



Bethan first appears at Alys's window with Delwyth and Eira, shortly after Claire is brought in. Alys sends them away.

Later, after Claire has recovered, the she and her friends are playing tea party at a corner of the meadow, which they call their "Tea Place". Later in their game, they pretend to have children of their own. Their game causes Claire to feel very sad, due to her own lost child.

In chapter four, they try to convince Claire to pet a chipmunk they tamed. In another section, the girls are making a pretend house out of sticks on the beach. Claire writes her name in the sand, and Bethan asks what it is. Claire says it is her name, and Bethan doesn't understand because she has no education with letters or reading.


Bryn- Bethan's mother.

Elen- Her baby sister.

Two Unnamed Boys- Her redheaded twin brothers, born a few seasons after Elen.


  • Bethan is partly responsible for exposing the secret of Claire's son to the village, leading to Tall Andras's denial of her. The three girls, however, were quoted as "too young to judge Claire", and their opinion of her did not change.
  • After Claire left, Bethan became the gatherer for Alys.
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